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I watch her sometimes. I don't understand women her age that want men that age.


@Mz iMac  LOL!

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OK, don't get all snippy on me now, this is just my opinion.  I watched her show today after she was on vacation for a while.  She started by saying how she was over the Kardashians house and she was acting like a star struck teenager.  She is always talking about "those rich people", wow what a life they have.  She is worth millions so I don't know why she has that schick about not being wealthy.  But I figure she has been through a lot lately so I continued watching.  She then went on to comment on the magazines saying her new boyfriend is 27.  She clarified that saying they are just friends.  OK, no big deal, this is her business and she can date whoever she wants.  What got to me, and this is when I turned off the show, she goes on to say, "you know a lot of 27 year old men find me very attractive" and then she says look at me - and gets up and starts posing- OMG, I think her wigs are on too tight or something.  She has taken narcissism to a new level.  I am done with her.  I wish they would find a host with real talent.

I am wondering why she is dating this guy.  I did read that he is a convicted felon.  It would be nice if she thought about her son.  After all she has been through you would think she would take some time to herself and chill instead of wondering around with this kid.  

OK  I just read he is in his 50's and he is a docctor?  I am confused.  Just last week it was said she was with a 27 year old.  Who knows.

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I enjoy watching Wendy. Personally, I think she's pretty straightforward.  She has an opinion of someone, & sometimes she changes her mind about them, & I think that's honest of her to admit it. I don't agree with everything she says, but that's what makes the world go 'round! I think the "look at me" comment was tongue-in-cheek (I don't remember her getting up & posing), & just her playful personality. Idk why a woman her age would date a 27yo, but if she is dating him, it's her life, & I don't think she shouldn't because she has a son in college. He probably has more to think about his father, who just had a child with his mistress! I totally agree about how she separates herself from "those rich people". Given what she's worth, it's hypocritical! Anyway, she makes for mild entertainment while I'm drinking my coffee...

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Yes, now she is dating a 50yr doctor. Think the young boy was just a publicity stunt. I like her with the gossip. Her husband was very controlling and read most of her production staff were scared of him. Wendy fired her husband real fast. So many stories about Kevin taking things out of the house while not divorced yet. He wants spousal support & half of everything, he said he made her who she is today. Now most of the celebrities are inviting her to events because Kevn isn't controlling her. I like her better now since her husband isn't around anymore. I bet this is going to be a messy divorce. 

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this show is a waste of time and space, it should be cancelled. wendy is not quite grounded, yet.

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Stick a fork in me - I’m done !

i had to quit watching when she seemed to take joy in expressing body function on air. 

She has horrible manners. Got too embarrassing when guest chefs come on and she acted like it was her last meal but that’s no excuse to double dip and finger the food - just nasty.

Also feel like she’s greedy and selfish. Can’t imagine what she must be like to work for. Vendors are told to make sure they pack up all the merch and food for her to take home.

Not sure how she stays on the air but it’s sure not because of me.


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I saw the program on 7/08.  Went to the OB/GYN and the television was tuned to her in the waiting room.  I couldn't believe what she was saying and couldn't believe the way she was acting.  Couldn't believe, either, that the doctor's office had this on instead of HGTV or the travel channel.

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wendy's show wasn't live for several weeks because of some sports thing.
maybe women's soccer, but i don't remember the sport.
i don't think her show was the only one that wasn't live.


it's good for ratings that she spent time in la, visiting with some of the people that she talks about on her show.


this is what she gets paid to do, just like when she was on the radio.


while many women go through a divorce, it isn't a headline on tv or in the tabloids.
big difference.


really can't compare your divorce to hers.

if your husband cheated on you, was it on the news or written about?
probably not.


i'm not sure where people got the idea that she was dating a 27 year old.

people are allowed to go out to dinner or whatever with whoever they want.

there is truth to younger men hitting (not physically) on older women, especially those with money.


for the most part, people that aren't famous can go where they want without having their picture taken and don't need 2 or 3 person minimum, security detail.


it seems that many posts here, don't know anyone even remotely in the public eye and can't relate to that life. while many people think its all glitz and glam, trust, it's not. having worked in entertainment, i can tell you that if you are famous, leaving your house or hotel room, can be a major production!


when you leave your house, are photographers at the end of your driveway?


depending on the restaurant, going out to eat dinner, is another production. currently, the paparazzi is camped out at her nyc apartment and tv studio, like never before, and they follow her almost everywhere. i don't think anyone here would want that much attention, day in and day out.


i have spent days with people on tv that are more famous then wendy (no disrespect to wendy) and it was extremely exhausting!


i've also been a tour manager for musical groups and was on the road for months, here and in other countries. there are just no words to describe it. i did have a lot of fun and worked very long hours.


back in the day, i had a neighbor that did the news. i went with him to costco. he was stopped at least 20 times, by someone that wanted a photo or autograph. i was shocked and completely understood why he didn't like going to the store.


wendy is creating a new life for herself and her son and probably for the first time, she is living her best life.


while the papers haven't been signed, for all practical purposes, she is single and can be out and about, as they say.


so before being so quick to judge a celebrities behavior, try to understand life from their perspective, opposed to yours. i know that i would not want to be judged, by how other people lived their life.


and no, i do not know wendy, but i do know other celebrities.


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I have never liked her.  I find her hard to look at...hard to listen too....and just a mental mess. She needs psychological help.

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Re: Wendy Williams Show

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@loveour4leggedfriends I could't agree with you more! I won't watch her anymore, cause  she took 5 weeks off and everyday was a repeat, there wasn't any sports on at that time in NY, NJ or Ct. She takes so much time off it's ridiculous. I understand she was sick, and her husband had her put in a sober living home, but she always took time off. Why doesn't she tape shows ahead like Live with Kelly & Ryan. I hope she's cancelled and they put Steve Harvey in her place.