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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

I just remembered two ads that I can not stand.



One is for GEICO, where the upstairs kids are playing in an inflatable pool, with a sprinkler and water hose going.



If I were their parent, as the old saying goes, they wouldn't be able to sit down for a week, if they did that.


Seriously, all of their privileges would be taken away, and they would be grounded until they left for college.


That would be their privilege.




And the second one is for Booking dor com, where there is a kindergarten teacher and the kids are running amok.





I can't stand bratty kids in ads.

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

I can't stand the Febreeze commercials, or the one with the kid with skittles all stuck to his face, and his friend asks if he is contagious, and then she picks one of the skittles from his face and eats it and then she gets skittles all over her face...How gross!!!!!!!! And all of the Viagra ones need to stop as well!

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

@illinois8 wrote:

The ad with the creepy lady wearing the nude body suit with her gastrointestinal tract drawn on it.  She's following around some poor, unfortunate woman plagued with diarrhea, gas pains and a whole host of other horrid symptoms.  I don't even know what product she's endorsing.

LOL--it is stupid but I can relate.  For about 20 years I suffered with varying degrees of IBS.  If you don't know what it is or have never had it then count yourself lucky.  It can and many times did make my life miserable and ruined alot of plans.  Over the years I have improved immensely and now lead a normal life. (I think my stress level has decreased over time).  But the depiction presented on screen is pretty accurate, at least for me.

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

@Vivian Florimond wrote:

The drug ads are terrible. Other countries don't do this. Those ads should not be permitted. Then there are the relatively new ads for Fabreze (I think) where they talk about stinky bathrooms and couches. Sheesh! Instant clicking of the remote!

I agree. Drug ads are illegal in Europe. All the "ask your Dr." ads...I take enough pills without asking for MORE still. Sheeesh.

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

@deepwaterdotter wrote:

I used to enjoy hearing the song "Sweet Caroline" until it started being used in a Hyundai commercial.  This ad is currently in very heavy rotation on the networks I watch. 

@deepwaterdotter I am so with you on this.  I loved it the first couple of times I saw it as it was so me, I love that song and will belt it out whenever I hear it but now that I am seeing different iterations of the first commercial I find myself wishing they had just stuck with the first one.

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

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@fthunt  I'm with you on My Pillow.  The owner sounds like a cheap carnival barker.  I choose where to spend my money and won't be anything he owns or runs (primarily because of some of his positions, political and big business).  

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

 love to DVR shows that I want to watch....that way I get a break from all these awful commercials by FF right through them......LOL

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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

I don't pay any attention to most commercials but the abused animals  or children cause me grief and any commercial that tells you to call such and such law firm if you or a loved one have died from ???  If I had died from that disease or drug I highly doubt if I would be calling them!!


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Re: Wayfair and other awful ads

Adding a new unfavorite ad -- The young woman who drives into her VP parking space and has her coffee handed to her when she walks in the office door. She looks 28 yrs old. I can't even remember what they're advertising.   

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