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Re: Watching marathon of Hoarding Buried Alive

I wouldn't go in there and clean up someone else's mess - especially when the hoarder gets all mean & hateful.


I can understand a person wanting to accumulate objects, but what I CAN'T understand is the filth aspect. Shudder.


Hoarding in my extended family, too!

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Re: Watching marathon of Hoarding Buried Alive

@SeaMaiden wrote:

On channel 222 Discovery a Life Channel...


..I just do not understand The part of not taking the garbage out....instead They throw food, containers everything on the floor..... Then they are walking on   trash, old food,   Maggots, roaches. Rats are then attracted to the filth.


  Just take the garbage out! That would at least  keep it from stinking of rotten food and there would be less bugs and stuff. 


I know  it is a sickness.....but, gosh why not take the trash out???

I don't either! I can understand being torn about parting with sentimental objects, but garbage, spoiled food, even dead animals?????

Come on. I would hate to live by these people. It must be impossible to get a house nearby sold.



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Re: Watching marathon of Hoarding Buried Alive

After watching a few episodes, I stopped watching.


Concern:  any firefighter, police officer, or EMT person who has to help in an emergency.  They can't reach the person quickly and, in trying, may lose their own life in the process.


If a fire were to break out with all the combustible material, what would happen to near by homes and people ???


If a hoarder wants to keep others out and is depressed, that's their business; however, they don't have the right to endanger other human beings' health or lives.

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Re: Watching marathon of Hoarding Buried Alive


I feel so sorry for the children who have to live in hoarded houses.  Especially when THEY want it to be clean.  It's heartwrenching to see them cry.



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Re: Watching marathon of Hoarding Buried Alive

It always amazed me, the ones who sit on the lawnchair outside. Not even helping clean, but spouting orders to everyone else. 


I don't understand how you can have multiple dead animals in your house and not know.



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Re: Watching marathon of Hoarding Buried Alive

My dad was a hoarder and I could never understand it.  I grew up with the knowledge that he had alot of "stuff" but my mother would keep him in check when she was still alive.  She would tell me how she would throw stuff away when he had his back turned.  I think my dad gradually got worse after us three kids left, he would go to several thrift stores EVERY day and always purchase something. After my mother died, dad had a good ten years of shopping.  I would travel 16 hours to get home several times a year and every time I was stunned at the amount of stuff in the house.  His hoarding was mostly canned food, books, cooking equipment, clothes.  One time I came home and he had the kitchen blocked off with all the canned food put on card tables.  I went through everything and threw away outdated cans, some had exploded in the pantry and then shouted....."no more have 28 cans of them!"   One time he quietly told me that he didn't understand why he did what he did but he thought he might have a sickness.  That made me so sad for him.  


After he passed away, we found crazy stuff in the house.  My two brothers and I had to clean out the house to sell and it was such an emotional and sad time.  We donated and gave away most everything in the house.  He was a clean man, there was no garbage.....just 7 new chain saws, 6 lawn moowers, 9 new watches, I guess if one chain saw is great then 6 more are better?!  My brothers and I couldn't understand this behavior.