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@oznell wrote:

Having a TCM day devoted to the Norwegian actress was a bit of a surprise, but the fact that she is featured brings in some interesting films by her mentor/sweetheart, the great Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.  Not only that, but there is one film in which she collaborates brilliantly with him AND with the OTHER Bergman, Ingrid.


"The Emigrants" may be one of her most famous.  I seem to remember a string of films about Scandinavian pioneers struggling bleakly against huge odds to survive in the New World.  They may not be as lugubrious as I remember!


Then memorably,


"Autumn Sonata"--  9:45 p.m. Eastern.    Ingrid Bergman, Liv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Lena Nyman




Directed in his intense, emotionally charged style by legendary director Ingmar Bergman.  Recipient of multiple Oscar nominations and wins.


Ingrid Bergman is a celebrated classical pianist who comes to visit her sacrificial daughter, (Liv Ullmann) who cares for her disabled sister in quiet circumstances.  Ingrid is expansive, vain and selfish, Liv simmers and remembers her childhood of seeming neglect.  Over the course of the visit, emotions erupt and grievances are aired.


It's typical Bergman (Ingmar, that is)--  profound, earnest and emotionally draining.  Top notch, though!  


    ~~~~~~~   @oznell ,     hello, sending faithful blessing to you and your darling son ( he has to be)...and _never to exclude that beautiful husband of yours, Oznell- that is connected to me through something we have in common-

( he knows a rare type of sensuality ) that very few can ever have a chance with. I think he's one in a million maybe more intense than thought without knowing, personally.

I by happenstance when I read -ONLY-of this Liv Ullmann.


      Minutes ago~ just got here, even though 'her day' has passed.  A bit of trivia for personal use.


  Before my husband ever EVEN ` thought` to meet me, he traveled throughout the Norwegian's beautiful areas and actually lived there for six months. he had met a beautiful nineteen year old nurse and her name was also Liv.


     He has told me there was not one UNattractve female that he had seen in those many months.  She was quite beautiful and very close to marrying her.


 He spoke of her often which was fascinating for me to hear since I was single and had just met him- NOTE THIS: no marriage for me -did not care, as I was climbing very strategically to advaned math and hard science for the requited curriculum 'when' deciding {almost} to become a physician. 


    He was brought in while in the states( visiting family) and by a plan or as you might envision, he was assigned to another floor...

  -- ( serious car wreck with a 95% chance to live).

I was on the surgical unit and was asked if I could for three days to handle his monitoring after he was released from ICU, so for those three days, I did so. 


     He was on medical 24 -7 watch ( monitoring) and to have surgery in two days, so I had not been involved until the medical head nurse called me in again prior to a seven hour surgery, then I left for three days when mother read this in our local hometown newspaper.


      To mom: No, I said  I do not know him but have been called in...he's close to death and possibly never to see him again.  close off on that and went to be with friends.

     Smiley Happy I had just brought a new red convertible. 


   After one week coming back, the same head nurse asked if I could give him pain injections because he was a very difficult patient THAT no one would try to convince him,.... and actually not soon to be here much longer and I said yes. 


I came in -

        `said I have orders, so where do want it/ Arm, or in the Bottom? He told me to go AWAY, and I told him - NO, 'not leaving until I can fill out my report and you'll never see me again', which he agreed.


  What does three days being away did to his mother as she asked for me please 1 more time. I did and left, but she asked me for my phone number(??) why. BUT! Later, I knew. 30 Days later. 


   I saw a great improvement, so was in surgery as the team finished up. I have absolutely what had happened but when I saw him for the 3rd time. Instntly, I stood and looked at him and if can believed ( I surely did not) a whisper of.......(( I'll never know)),  'said that's the man you will be marrying. I have a genuine interest in movies of romance and always will.  I loved the movie Notebook and The LONG HOT Summer. That was how I felt bout a mere stranger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           - i.e., Clara and Ben.


     I fell in love with that wonderous (??) something I never EVER knew -a kindness and a deep hidden trait that he also loved me.


    True story as well as I can explain, so after I went to his home [[53 days later]] after being released, I fell in love with the entire family and suddendly with him, although,

( another state -people I had never known but a beautiful home on the water) that was entirely foreign to me. 

Immediately everyone loved me and I am not the easiest of females to become that close to or with any moment for delay. 


 Long story short; we stayed very close together, and from January to late August we were married because of his obscure ambiguous attachment to me, 'stated' me being so very Norwegian and so innocent - 20 years old and he 5 years older. Woman Happy Man Happy Ahh~


    The Liv Ullmann DAY brought this remembrance totally back as it was yesterday.  


 I know now why I missed Wednesday, I had mentioned I would be gone all day, but when signing on that was the 1st movie day I saw, so the story came from my remembering what he said of LIV Ullmann. Interesting to me, but had to interject what happened ........when least expected. 


 Have a great day everyone and hope that someone might be able to explain this what i refer to as a >PHENOMENON of life and you will never know. t happen to me and always wondered if to anyone else? 





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So very extraordinary and such a touching story from your life, dear @NAES -- thank you for sharing that and all your other enriching thoughts on the forum...