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I loved the first season.


The storyline kept me interested and I thought the entire cast was great. I especially loved the gorgeous scenery!


I'm looking forward to the second season but probably won't get to it for another week or two. 

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I am trying to be good and only watch one episode a day while I am on my glider.  The thing that I noticed is that Paige's husband is a different actor.  The husband in the first season is actually her husband IRL.  Has anybody read why the switch?

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I binge watched season 2 on Friday.  I really enjoyed it. 


I am looking forward to season 3. 

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@Mandiedandy - I think it was Calvin.


@Wsmom - I don't know about Paige's husband in the first season, but the guy who plays him in the second season was the husband on Lori Loughlin's Antique Shop Mysteries on the Hallmark Mystery Movie Channel.  Glad to see he is working again, since he lost his job there, due to Lori's actions.

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I watched season 2 this weekend.  I enjoyed it even though I find a few of the characters rather annoying.  Charmaine acts like a jealous teenager and is rather pathetic.  Can't take a lot of Hope either.  But I do like Mel, Jack and Preacher a lot.  I really liked the actor that plays Jack when he was on Grey's Anatomy, wish he had been on it longer.  He's very attractive!

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@Mellyg wrote:

Season 2 of Virgin River premieres November 27. Is anyone else looking forward to it or plan on watching?

Yes! I'm watching Season 1 again & then 2. I really enjoy this show & especially the male leadHeart


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I guess I've never been into soap operas. I watched the first season only because I watched everything else and this series was left over. I am watching season 2 now and wow, its just painful. I like that it doesn't have s*x and language but that's about it. Such a soap opera!!! Yikes. I'll finish it but geez.....

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I'm watching for sure!  Enjoyed the first season. I have read the full series of the Virgin River books. It's hard not to compare. The books were better, but I am still watching. I'm like another poster that is trying to "ration" the episodes; so hard not to watch multiple episodes at one sitting.

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I am late getting to this party as I was finishing up a few other shows, but for the most part, I really like the show and am looking forward to season 3.  I read that the cast has been spotted in Vancouver and filming has begun.  I'm not usually into romantic dramas, but I feel like most of the characters are well-acted.  I think I would watch for the scenery alone--breathtaking!  I can't imagine living somewhere so beautiful.  Unfortunately, there are many women who would act just like Charmaine is acting.  (I think she shot Jack btw) I personally do not care for Hope or the actress who plays her.  The character would be more tolerable if a different actress had been cast imo.

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Finishing up season 2 tonight

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