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I recently got Netflix a month ago and stumbled  across this series.  I just got done with the first season.  I love this show.

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The show is a bit corny and predictable but I like the characters anyway and the scenery is breathtaking!  I would love to visit that area!

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I was anticipating it coming out, but life got busy and I finally had time to watch it. The bright side of a sinus infection is that I binged it in 2 days.


I enjoyed it  more than season 1; but that may be because I finished reading the series shortly before Netflix and the differences/comparisons were fresh in my mind. I'm looking forward to season 3!

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I recently watched a few episodes of Season 1 and could barely get through them. It's too much like a soap opera for me, and I thought the dialogue writing was poor - people don't talk like that in real life. If I run out of other things to watch, I might go back to it.

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@Desert Lily.  My assessment exactly, very soap operaesque.

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I'm hooked on action movies but am so glad Virgin River is back.  I started watching it again and am loving it.  The one thing about watching a series is that after watching for nights on end, suddenly the end has approached and there is this let down.  Maybe it's just me....

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