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Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons

This is a three part documentary on HULU. "The underworld of fashion, the billionaire class, and Jeffrey Epstein are all revealed to the inextricably intertwined with the fall of this legendary brand in Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons". I had heard Les Wexner had some ties to Jeffrey Epstein but didn't know much. This was an interesting documentary, I believe Jeffrey Epstein must have been holding something over Les Wexner's head for the loyalty he received from Les. I do not look at the brand in the same way after this documentary and may never purchase from them again.

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Re: Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons

@Jordan2 Don't have Hulu but wouldn't be interested if I did.

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Re: Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons

I no longer have interest in the VS stores that I shopped in back in the 80's. They did away with their iconic Angels runway shows and have tried to reshape their brand....clearly, it isn't working. Any connection with Epstein makes me even less interested in watching the show. 

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Re: Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons

@Jordan2   Thank you for telling us about this.  It sounds interesting.  I will watch it.  I never purchased much from them though.

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Re: Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons



Thanks for this @Jordan2.

I just watched this and found it fascinating.

Never knew so much of the background of Victoria's Secret, or that Wexler also created Limited which I use to go to. My daughter loved Victoria's Secret stuff, esp the perfume Angel?

I only knew it definitely all fell out of fashion-never the connection to Epstein or the building of New Albany. The commentaries were very good I thought.

Also interesting to see Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks as Victoria Secret models. I'd forgotten that they became so well known from there on. And interesting that they used photoshopping a lot way back when!

I did start to get sick of seeing perfect bodies over and over that are unattainable, even for those who have them.

One model said she never had an eating disorder but she had to be very careful about eating or something like that. Yeah, I'd say that is something not to aspire to.

The most chilling line I thought was the man towards the end who commented (paraphrasing) that the kind of acceptance of the innapropriate practices and outright abuse while sending the models to these people and they knew what they continued to do was shocking.

And that 2 presidents were involved in all this but of course not prosecuted and any association was swept away of course.

Wexler did seem to be a genius when it came to marketing and what would attract women and get them to "buy buy buy!" as one woman said.


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Re: Victoria's Secret Angels and Demons

I enjoyed purchasing VS bras and clothing over the years.  I also indulged in their lotions and perfumes.  I haven't purchased anything in last few years.