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I watched Vera last night on Amazon Prime, but closed caption wasn't offered so it was sometimes difficult to understand what was being said. Is there another option to see it where cc is available?

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We love Vera and have watched all the episodes (sometimes twice). We have discontinued our cable and replaced it with an Amazon firestick. You can adjust the settings for "closed captions" on all the programs, which is a great help, especially with British shows.

Bought the firestick for under $30 and it works great with our smart TV.


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We love that show and watch Vera on Brittbox with closed captioning. Have seen all available episodes. I agree closed captioning is really helpful. You get up to speed with the language and start to understand a lot better as time goes on.

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I just finished watching episode 1, season 1 of Vera with captions. Thanks for the recommendation. Because my WiFi is so bad, I downloaded and watched on my Kindle with headphones while hubby watched the Grorgia/ LSU game. If I touched the screen to pause or stop icons appeared upper right one being a cartoon speech symbol. Touch that and option for closed caption appear. I hope this helps. I need captions too especially with British shows but I usually just leave them on all of the time. I think I am more visual than auditory.

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It's a very good show. I often tape to watch later, as the show is intense and requires focus and I don't always feel like offering that level of attention. I also prefer the supporting cast from the early seasons far more than from later seasons. I especially liked Joe as her partner much better than I like Aiden. Never much cared for the Aiden actor. Brenda Blethyn, though, is exceptional.

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