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Re: V.C. Andrews' Dawn Series

I liked the first 3 movies, the 4th not as much.

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Re: V.C. Andrews' Dawn Series

I started to watch the first episode, but lost interest quickly as it seemed like the storyline was so similar to other books by V.C. Andrews that I had read as a child.


So, I just went to look up V.C. Andrews and found that she died in 1986, and perhaps the reason that this Dawn series isn't thought to be as good as prior made-for-TV offerings from this author, is that V.C. Andrews, the original author, had absolutely nothing to do with the Dawn series, as she didn't even write it. Apparently, V.C. Andrews books were so popular and successful that upon the author's death, her family found another author to continue writing as "V.C. Andrews".  Ghostwriter Andrew Neiderman wrote the entire Dawn series, and many other "V.C. Andrews" novels.  


That was unexpected news to me-- just now.  I had no idea she didn't write every book attributed to her. 

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Re: V.C. Andrews' Dawn Series

The story was too similar to the other books. I didn’t enjoy it but did watch all 4 episodes. Phillip was a bit much & The Meadows family were happy but bizarre & the Fern character wasn’t necessary.

It’s true the makeup wasn’t done to reflect the aging of the characters. Her friend from Juliard, the dancer, looked the same throughout.

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Re: V.C. Andrews' Dawn Series

@SilleeMee wrote:

For me it would be hard to top Flowers in the Attic: The Origin. I thought that was the best one so far for VCA.


I agree @SilleeMee .