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I was so shocked this morning when my TV showed a "reminder" to tune to UNReal. I had no idea it was on again. I loved the first season, Season 2 was horrible and Season 3 was just OK. Anyway, Lifetime is showing the whole season today if anyone wants to catch it. 

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Hmmm.... weird. But I guess that's what we expect from UNReal.


Season 4 aired on Hulu in the summer of 2018, just a few months after season 3 aired on Lifetime. It was a weird stealth thing I didn't even know about almost a year after the fact. I have no idea why or how that happened, but it seems like one more crazy UNreal choice.


I watched it a few months ago and it and found if disappointing.


I hope you'll post again when you finish watching and let us know what you thought!



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Hi. So, I watched the whole season today and am glad it is over. Rachel is just a horrible horrible, sick person. Who would have thought that Quinn would be the one with a soul?


I had no idea it had been on before and I sure wouldn't have known about it if my tv screen didn't have the reminder on there from a long time ago when I had been watching. Lifetime didn't do any advertising. 


I am assuming that this was the final season. The first season was so smart and enjoyable, but they ruined it in season 2. It's too bad they could never get back to where they started. They lost all of the fun. When it was first on Lifetime, they didn't mute the profanity. They sure did today, which cuts out a LOT. Maybe because they were showing it during the day? Anyway, I am glad I found it and it was a good way to spend the day!

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I was wondering about this - I saw it on my DVR to record, it was showing it was "New" but then when you looked at the date it was July 2018; but I know I didn't remember a Season 4 on Lifetime and don't have Hulu.