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Sundays are horrible for watching tv.i usually watch the cooking shows in the morning,but after that,it goes down hill.i ordered the middle from my local library.i always laughed at the characters  on this show,so I guess that's what I'll start watching

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I have far too many shows to watch on a Sunday night.

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Sunday is a good night for my tv watching.

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IMO TV is horrible at all times.  I record all my favorite shows and watch them in the evenings.

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Sundays are one of the busy days for my living room Tivo, and have been for ages.


I wonder if the OP doesn't have cable.  I think probably most of the shows I record for Sunday nights are on cable channels.


I always have way more than I can even watch at any point, between live tv and two Tivos.   I have some of the streaming services, but I hardly ever seem to get to them.