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Tv show out daughter's is coming back for its 9th season on July 11th on tlc.

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I saw where it was finally returning.  In the past year, I had googled if they were ever returning and I also follow them on IG but answers were always vague.  Then a few months ago it was posted on one of their IG accounts that they had something in the wordks that led me to believe was something new.  I figured they were going to one of the streaming sites or something.  

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it's been gone, so long, i thought it was cancelled. It will be fun to see how they have grown.

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TLC has started showing old episodes back to back in themorning which led me to believe they are coming back soon. I like this show and want to see howmuch the girls have grown. Hazel and Uncle Dale are my favorites.

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The Busby's seem like a nice family.  I think Adam and Danielle should raise their girls without TV cameras inside their home.  


I've seen enough TLC episodes with the Duggars, the Bates, the Goslin kids, Honey Boo Boo, Will and Zoey Kline, to see how the kids get used, and in many cases they do not look back on the show with positivity.  


I have decided not to watch the new episodes.  

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Re: Tv show out daughtered

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I won't be watching this time either. I read that The Little Couple moved from Florida to Boston and then I saw an HGTV special about their new home. It was probably around Christmas time when I saw it. I don't know if they'll ever come back to tv as they are in some type of lawsuit with TLC.

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I wonder what type of mystery illness Danielle will have this season.


My favorites are Hazel and Riley.

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Even with all those kids, I feel like they run out of ideas for the show to keep us watching, other than fancy vacations and over the top birthday parties and Mom and Dad illnesses. Just my opinion so I will skip the new season.