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I enjoyed so many of the theme songs mentioned and readily recalled them. Some I liked better than the shows. One that sticks in my head if I hear it advertised is  'Facts of Life'  -- in a negative way-- hard to get it out. 


There is the Law and Order theme also. I like that --but it is hard to hum .Smiley Happy

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Hubby's 2 favorite shows...

Gilligan's Island

Green Acres

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Miami Vice

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I heard the theme song from St. Elsewhere as I was in a Pittsburgh hospital for a CT scan.  Go figure!

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How many


hawaii 5-0

one day at a time

laverne and shirley

good times

mary Tyler Moore 



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My husband & I binge watched The Sopranos during the quarantine & that theme song definitely sticks with you!  lol

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I love the Golden Girls  theme song.  Also Welcome Back from Welcome Back Kotter TV Show.

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I know this is slightly off-topic, but I'm not sure on how to start a new thread. My question is about Valerie Parr Hill's "House to Home" theme song at the beginning of her shows. Does anyone know what it is? Thx!

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Hill Street Blues

LA Law

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Henry Mancini's   Peter Gunn  Theme song


Really like the horns Smiley Happy