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Re: Tuesday 9/10/2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

@SusieQ_2 , Regarding the odd couple, I am thinking Holly likes him more than he likes her!  She seems to be possessive of him, in the few times I have closely watched them (BBAD).  I hope she doesn't get dropped as soon as they are out of the house!  Not that she is my favorite player, but I hate to see girls latch onto a guy who doesn't feel the same way!  But what do I know?  Maybe he is crazy about her, we shall see.


And yes, I ALWAYS get a few extra things other than the loaf of bread I went to the store for!

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Re: Tuesday 9/10/2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

@suzieq4, I also think he likes her more than she likes him and I don't call them the odd couple lightly, lol. Their whole dynamic is strange. They fight more than any other BB couple I can recall and about the silliest things. The last fight, one that lasted hours and into the next day, was about Jackson saying he thought he would be interested in going on a game show called The Challenge. This sent Holly into a meltdown saying he just wanted to go on the show to hook up with girls and him saying he just likes competing. They each must have said their part 20 times minimum. The age difference between them, which is only seven years, is a huge source of insecurity for her. Maybe seven years if too much for someone who's only 24. I don't see them lasting outside the house, but I said the same thing about Bayleigh and Swaggy so who knows, but I think he's given her subtle hints that they probably won't be together long after the show. 


We all do it don't we? But I'm glad you get a few extra things at the store. No one should have to go home with just a loaf of bread, lol. Smiley Very Happy