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Tuesday 9/03/2019 Big Brother 21 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

And a new day of nothing much happening dawns. Tommy used his POV on Christie yesterday to save Christie and Jackson put up Cliff to replace him. (All as planned.) The houseguests mostly spent yesterday enjoying their rare outdoor time before this week's lockdown takes place. BB gave them a grill and they had a little Labor Day party last night. Lots of pranks still going on in the house as they desperately try to find a way not to lose their minds from boredom.


Holly and Jackson think maybe they should stage a fight (unlike the real ones they've had) and pretend to be alone again hoping that makes them less of a target. (Oh yeah, that'll work. It's not like anyone could see through that.) Tomorrow we'll see Jess like, campaign like, to like keep her, like in the, like house. It won't work. Jess is a goner.


Pretty much everything is on cruise control now until the double eviction on Thursday. With just three couples left in the house after Jess goes like, bye-bye, it'll be a big double eviction fight. The safest person in the house seems to be Nicole right now. Those most at risk would seem to be Jackson and Christie. Next most would be Cliff and Tommy. Holly and Nicole are largely blending into the background and no one's prime targets that I'm aware of right now. 


Chances are they'll be locked down inside later today as the prep for a double eviction takes some time. They need an HOH comp, a POV comp and then a quick flip for a final HOH comp after the show, followed by yet another POV comp on Saturday. The comp prep team will be kept very busy for a few days. know what? Maybe they should use the houseguests to set up the comps? That would give them something to do and save production some money in the process. Oh, well, enough of that.


Don't expect anything Earth-shaking between now and Thursday. Jess has no information to share that could save her. (I'm not sure Jess still remembers she's playing Big Brother and isn't truly at summer camp.) Cliff won't have to campaign much as he's got Holly and Nicole's votes and Jackson will use the tie-breaker on him if need be. The need shouldn't be there. Tommy and Christie have tried to paint a target on Cliff, but to no avail. They'll likely join the house in voting out Jess to try and appear more friendly to everyone, so they're less of a target.



Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!