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I love this show.  He reminds me of a Teddy Bear.  I'm watching some episodes I've already seen.  I seldom do that with anything but it makes me thing about the house my late husband built for our daughter.


So funny.  We had a huge oil drum in the woods in our back yard.  My youngest daughter was around 11 years old when my husband decided to build her a house.  He built the house on top of the oil drum.  It was a good idea but he was so busy that he had to keep stopping the building.


This thing got to be pretty elaborate.  Well after about 1 year he'd sorta finished it.  My daughter had had a growth spirt and suddenly at the age of about 12 1/2 was already about 5'6 1/2 at least!  She had trouble climbing the small ladder he'd built!  It was funny but sad.  Eventually, it fell to pieces (unlike the unbelievable swing set my husband built that will be in our back yard if we get bombed!  It is huge and built to last a lifetime.  You'd die laughing if you saw how huge it is!  New neighbors wanted to know if they could buy it!  I said, come and look at it!  They were like...."OK, that thing will be here forever.  It's so big it almost needs it's own address".  Ha!

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I LOVE Treehouse Masters and Pete Nelson. I had bought one of his books for my dad many years ago and was so excited when Treehouse Masters started.


Nelson makes visits to house and garden shows and I was lucky enough to meet him when he came to my city. He was just as enthusiastic in person as he is on his show and energy and joy just radiate off him, making everyone around him feel happy. He signed my program and gave me a hug.