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It's the 38th anniversary! 



Tom is looking at scripts for a third installment, and Jennifer Connelly has already said she's ready. 

I posted some trivia before. Add more if you can!




Actors who turned down the part of Maverick:  Matthew Modine, Patrick Swayze, Nicolas Cage, Emilio Estevez, John Cusack, Matthew Broderick, Sean Penn, Michael J. Fox, Scott Baio, and Tom Hanks. Charlie Sheen was considered too young to play the part. John Travolta wanted too much money, and the producers weren't sure of his box office draw.




Tom Cruise sat by himself a lot to stay in character. He and Val Kilmer REALLY didn't get along at all. Val Kilmer refused to participate in a charity event because of Cruise. He wasn't fond of Kelly McGillis either! But later they became best friends in real life. 




Actresses who turned down the part of Charlie: Tatum O'Neal, Jodie Foster, Darryl Hannah, Diane Lane, Sarah Jessica Parker, Linda Fiorentino, and Linda Hamilton. Ally Sheedy also turned it down because she didn't think people would go see a movie about fighter pilots. She said later she regretted her decision. Charlie was based on a real person.




There was no love scene in the original screening. Test audiences wanted one, so they brought McGillis and Cruise back to film one. It is shot in shadowy darkness because they were both wearing wigs due to their filming their next movies, and her hair had to be dark and his had to be long. 




Charlie's date in the beginning of the movie is the real "Viper," Pete Pettigrew. He was one of the technical advisors on the film. The producers gave Maverick the first name of "Pete" in honor of him. A lot of military personnel are in and were involved with the film. 




The producers wanted Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" for the beginning of the movie. Springsteen wouldn't allow it. Kenny Loggins'  "Danger Zone" became the anthem, and I can't imagine any other song for the beginning of the movie. 



Barry Tubb (Wolfman) and Kelly McGillis (Charlie) began dating during filming and moved in together when filming ended. They were together for a few years before ending their relationship. 



I remember seeing it when it first came out. We were friends with an Air Force pilot, who was actually encouraged to apply for the Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team. He did not apply because it would have taken him away from his wife and two young children. He became an instructor. We loved talking with him about what was authentic about the movie. 




Everybody was talking about it. A few years later DH and I were buying a TV. It had been released on tape. Every electronics store had it blasting! It was fun seeing it play everywhere! 




We enjoyed the sequel too, but it just isn't quite the same. 




Are you a fan? Do you remember the first time you saw Top Gun? Smiley Happy


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Re: Top Gun Day - May 16, 2024


Not really a TC fan, but Val Kilmer was easy on the eyes back then.  I must say that I still love hearing Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone.     


Is the movie on TV for the anniversary anywhere?  



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Re: Top Gun Day - May 16, 2024

It's really interesting how so many turned it down. I wonder if it's because they didn't think it would be a success, or maybe some had other commitments.

I didn't know some were based on real people. That is very neat!

Thanks for all this @beach-mom.


As much as I think Tom Cruise is creepy, Top Gun the first one was unforgettable.He also was so good in The Firm.

The second Top Gun just seemed way too unbelievable in terms of what could actually be done and a glorified hey I'm Tom Cruise movie.

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Re: Top Gun Day - May 16, 2024

@beach-mom, I don't remember when I saw Top Gun for the first time, but I remember enjoying the movie.  Also liked the sequel.  



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Re: Top Gun Day - May 16, 2024

I loved both the original and the sequel.  I can't imagine anyone else besides Tom (even though I'm not a fan of his) and Kelly in those two roles.

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Re: Top Gun Day - May 16, 2024

Never saw the 2nd one, first one was never a fave of mine.