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Seeing these kitties reminds me of a story I just have to share.  We have rescued a kitty.  It is now about 3 months' old.  She is very fastidious about her litter box as well as I am.  We buy that pretty white crystal litter for her (something new to us since we had cats several years ago).  She has her own room and I try to keep it tidy (although she does make a mess with her toys).


She does not like seafood foods, those with the tuna, salmon or whitefish flavors.  She only likes turkey and chicken flavors.  She turns up her nose and scratches if I offer her the seafood flavors.


This morning when I awakened, she came running (as usual), hungry and wanting to eat and play.  But, she wanted to take me to her room before I opened the food.  So I followed her.  She stood beside a place where she had vomited (just a very small amount) and scratched as if to tell me she wanted me to bury that.  So, I took out a clorox wipes and wiped it up, then used some water and vinegar to clean it and threw the paper towels in the trash.  She was content then to run toward the kitchen where I let her have her morning food while I prepare DH breakfast.  

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Oh, what a sweet girl.

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Love your posting. Dogs and cats are far smarter and sensitive than people give them credit for.

Sounds like your kittie is a winner.

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@ECBG wrote:


Why can't we listen to Cat Stevens instead?