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@StephaniM wrote:

Very well said, Laura.  Let her move on.

I'm absolutely fine with her moving on... I simply don't feel the need to be part of it...

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In life I do believe there are times we need compassion,forgiveness and a second chance. Tonya paid her dues for her mistake. Lost her future in skating. She is trying  to be a better person. 

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@SeaMaiden wrote:

@Laura14   I totally agree with everything you said in your post.Tonya  is living in her own prison/ Hell  and has for the past 20 some years since the incident. Her life was never easy and then when the the Olympic situation happened her life went into a downward spiral again. She was with the wrong crowd.... and just did not know better to not be around low life people.....from her upbringing.


There are no excuses for her for being involved at all in  what happened. Her judgement was very poor.   Still, I think the past many years of being laughed at and put down and hated was enough punishment for her.   She served her time.... Let her have some kind of joy in her life.  All the hate does not write a wrong... compassion is sometimes the cure for ugliness and hate.  Not to forget what happened to Nancy by any means....  you can still  have compassion for  Tonya, and I wish her ever good and joy and hope she does well in the show.

@SeaMaiden @Laura14 I also have a lot of empathy for Tonya. I hope the next chapter of her life has much happiness.