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In case anyone is interested, Debra Newell whose relationship inspired the blockbuster podcast Dirty John will be a guest on the show.  Having seen the limited series and documentary on her story, I won't be watching as I have had my fill of her.

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Re: Tomorrow's Tamron Hall Show

Count me out.  I saw the tv mini series and I saw her talk about her ordeal on one of the news magazine shows a while back.  I never had any sympathy for her.  She got herself into that mess because she was desperate for a man, any man.  The warning signs were there from the beginning, she just didn't care.  

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Re: Tomorrow's Tamron Hall Show

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The horse is dead for me. I can't watch this woman who put her boyfriend before her daughters was upsetting to put it mildly. I do love the daughters. She must of done something good to raise great, strong women.

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Re: Tomorrow's Tamron Hall Show

Me too, her story is now very old news.