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Today we saw good-bye to Jeanne Cooper (12:30 EST)

Am so not ready for this but am glad they are giving her the tribute she so richly deserves! I cannot believe she really is gone and hopefully Corbin will tell he viewers what the infection was or what caused her passing. Still think it is cancer that invaded her brain but we will see what happens today. I know I will cry big time--she was an integral part of Y&R and I for one became emotionally attached to her as an actress and I have stated before her best ever performance was playing dual roles as Mrs. C and Marge with that gold tooth!!! What a hoot! And she deserved to have won the Daytime Emmys that year but did not. She did win one year and think she has a star on the Hall of Fame walk. See you later Jeanne as I refuse to say good-bye!!{#emotions_dlg.crying}