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I was just sitting downstairs while hubby was watching The Andy Griffith show ... and meant to mention an excellent movie we watched last week, directed by Ron Howard. It's called Thirteen Lives ... a true story of the rescue of the group of boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in the caves in Thailand.


I highly recommend to anyone who has Prime Video! 🎥👍🍿⚽️


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I am going to watch that. It is an amazing story!

I watched the documentary & read the book.

What the boys endured & what all of those people did to save them was so incredible!

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I heard about this movie but I don't have prime video


but I do watch Andy Griffith show!  Love it

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JFD12, my best friend has been raving about this movie and said it is a must see. I've enjoyed everything Ron Howard has done and having his name attached to the project is more than enough for me. It's heartening to see that litlle Opie Taylor grew into an amazing director and more importantly, a wonderful man, husband and father. Some good guys do finish first! Smiley Very Happy


I don't have Prime Video but hope to watch it another way.



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Late Saturday night I was trying to find something to watch to fall asleep. I look at the time and the movie is 2 hours and 29 minutes. I figured I would watch the beginning of it and finish the next day.


Nope...that movie was so gripping, especially because it's based on a true story. I did not go to bed until 2:00 a.m. Wow! Just Wow! Great movie, I had no idea of all that they had to do to get those boys and the coach out of there alive. 


I highly recommend as well!!!