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Re: The show Emergence

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Last episode, "No Outlet", was very good. We're getting some answers but they are leading to more questions. I'd like to know more about Jo's mother and where she is now. Would also like to know more about her father, too....he seems odd to me.


I was sort of right about a colony I mentioned earlier. They found that using the radio signal which was decoded to reveal it's location. What they found was creepy.

I fell asleep right after she cut the gate lock chain and they found the village.  What did i miss after?  I am guessing that is where they schooled the AI into being humans.




Inside the gate they found a runway and then beyond that they also found a village of vacant homes. They went into one of the homes and found a huge hole blown out of one of the walls...look like a car could have drove through it. The house was a mess and like a bomb went off in one of the rooms next to that big hole. Then Jo got a text from the reporter showing the little girl doing the damage in that house.


The show ended with the reporter and a tech woman friend getting shot while they were driving somewhere. The shooter is unknown right now. Might have something to do with that text he sent Jo about the girl. Now Jo is questioning her own safety being around the girl who is now living with her as a foster kid. The girl is conning Jo into believing she is not a threat to Jo. The girl does not want to go back to wherever she's from and it appears she's doing a good job at it.

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Re: The show Emergence

I am enjoying the show very much.  And as a Long Islander, was pleased to see that it takes place here - many of the scenes were actually filmed here, and they accurately use the names of the roads, etc.  

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Re: The show Emergence

I just today read that it has not been renewed.


Status: Cancelled

Original Run: September 24, 2019 – 
Current Seasons: 1
Network(s): ABC
Genre: Conspiracy Drama, Mystery, Serialized
Additional Notes: In October 2019, it was revealed that ABC had cancelled Emergence after one season. The series wont return for Season 2 after its 13-episode first-season run

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Re: The show Emergence

I always welcome these type of TV shows.  Many do not make it but I always watch because I am a fan of Si Fy and horror.


Emergence is OK, not keeping me on the edge of my seat but holding my interest.  I  will see it through and if it makes another season, will continue on.  


Supernatural has been a long running great show and I have watched it from the first episode.  It has improved every season and I look forward to every episode.  Sadly it is ending this season and I will miss it.  It is an example of a well done excellent show of this category!

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Re: The show Emergence

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I enjoyed the first few episodes, but this week's made me say to dh, that it has run its course.  The lead actor has the same few facial expressions and reactions, rather insipid.    I no longer feel invested in watching. I think it would have made a good made for TV movie. JMHO