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Re: The new 90 day Fiance is on tonight

Cortney definitely needs to get a clue. I think she knows the truth though she doesn't want to face it. She should have never gone there.

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Re: The new 90 day Fiance is on tonight

@drizzellla wrote:

The whole show makes me sad.


I can not believe that Karine will go back with Paul. The guy is a mess and he is not doing anything to make things better. He just runs off and leaves her there? How old is he? He can't sit and talk face to face? He would rather stand by some dirty water talking to himself? 


And Courtney - I think the fact that he did not meet her when she arrived and made her wait in a public square for hours. And then left her for a day while he went to visit his Mom and do his laundry? How desperate can you be. She should have gone out and seen the sights or done something. He isn't looking out for her best interest. And she puts up with it?


And Nicole is so naive. I feel bad for the daughter, thankfully May will not remember this mess. I thought her and her guy split up. Nicole seems to want everything her way. And I am sorry her Dad is sponsoring her finance. She doesn't seem to understand other cultures nor does she want to.


And finally Darcey. I think Jesse just wanted to shut her up about the engagement and give her an Appreciation Ring, whatever that is.

I just want this season to be over. It is really so sad to watch now.



@drizzellla  Paul is 34, a real loser.

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Re: The new 90 day Fiance is on tonight

Older guys with not money trying to get young 20 some girls in different countries are you insane?  Really? they are not worth it. Why are they even in the computer and why do those girls want them? Love to watch a train wreck ane this show will provide it. Stupid 40's guys trying to think they can fulfill their dreams.