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Watched it again,super movie.great acting with two of my favorites 

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My fave part is the beautiful theme song, Shadow of Your Smile. 

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that was an absolutely beautiful song ....

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@Big Joanie 



Yes, one of my favorites.  But, I was busy today and didn't catch it...although it always makes me sad.


That song...just one of the best ever.  Elizabeth and Richard together = lightening Cat LOL


A perfect movie for a Saturday afternoon!

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Re: The movie,Sandpiper

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I tuned into it late and missed seeing Sharon Tate's bit part.  The conversation on the cove beach between Elizabeth and Richard's characters was before it's time, about girls going through school taking the very same classes as boys but in adulthood men have 3 aspirations whereas women are usually relegated to two.  In the mid 60s, this was still the norm. How many females tuned into that and how much did it play into the changes that eventually transpired?   

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Sorry I missed this movie. Also love the song!

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Kinda cheesy

I love my pups!
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I always picture Elizabeth there when we drive by and see Keyhole rock.Love this movie!


Pfeiffer Beach Keyhole Rock - a look at the varying moods found here

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I enjoyed the movie so much and cannot get the song out of my mind!  It keeps playing and I know all the words so it's making the day very pleasant.  


It was very interesting observing the dynamics between the two stars who were already married (I believe).  There was no denying the chemistry between them (that apparently died ending in divorce--twice). 


I was surprised to read that Richard Burton died at 58!  Elizabeth Taylor left us in 2011 at 79.


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@silkyk   The Monterey CA scenery is as fabulous as the rest of the movie...I visited there prior to COVID (my daughter lives in Southern CA) and hope to return!