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It was worse than I expected, and my expectations were not high. I arrived late and left early.


The JohnBoy actor was ok. He resembles Richard Thomas a bit.


Were there even seven children in this remake?  I didn't see Ben.

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I watched it and while it was not stellar television, it wasn't awful and was probably a bit better than a lot of what passes for entertainment these days. I'd suggest folks consider that so much of what's now being produced are reboots and retreads. Keeping in mind the original Waltons 'Homecoming' is now fifty (that would be the big 50) years old, it's neither shocking nor sacrilegious that someone opted to do a remake with a new cast. There are entire generations who've never seen the original nor have they ever even heard of the Waltons. Of course the original was better, they almost always are.

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I love the original “The Homecoming” and watch it every year. I have no issue with a new version of the novella being made, as it’s a common enough situation for books. But alas this was a disappointment - I prefer the gritty realism of the original. But for people who enjoy a Hallmark Channel-like depiction of poverty this one would be for youSmiley Happy
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Re: The Waltons new movie

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I swore I wasn't going to watch this, but I just watched the original a few days ago, so I decided to give this new version a chance, to be fair.


That's two hours of my life I'll never get back.  I can understand them wanting to do a remake but this was so poorly done IMO.  They got rid of one of the children (Ben) to "make more story time for the other six".  WTH?


Then a lot of the dialogue was so out of keeping with the time.  The things Mary Ellen came out with especially.


But the line that really got me is when Erin opened her Christmas present (a beauty case?) and said "I'm ready for my close up (Mr. DeMille)".  That line is from "Sunset Boulevard" and that film wasn't made until 1950.  "The Homecoming" was set in 1933.  Was she a psychic?


I can guarantee one thing:  I will never watch this version again.  I suspect it won't be getting good reviews.


(Oh, one last comment:  that house looked pretty good for a Depression-Era company-built home.  Nothing like the real house that was duplicated for the original and the series.)

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No matter who stars in the new'll be WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too cornball for me to watch!


Never liked the original....same reason.