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Could someone please tell me how The Village ended?

I fell asleep the last ten minutes.Did she keep her baby and

did her mother end up with her father.

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Here’s  a full recap of every part of the several story lines in the final episode. It’s not just how it ends with the baby.


maybe you like even more detail of the episode


this is the shortest recap and review


I enjoyed it it and I really hope it gets renewed, but that has not yet been decided, so it may be that how it ended is how it ends. 

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Thankyou! I hope it's renewed too.

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Thanks, the show fell off my radar the past couple of weeks.  It ended....exactly the way I knew it would end.  That's the problem with the show and if it is renewed, I hope they fix it.  It's too predictable and too sugary syrupy sweet.  I think it's a show that has potential but it has to move away from all the couples stuff and give us some deeper, richer stories.