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What is going on with Joy's eyes?? She had cataract surgery about a month ago on both eyes (2 wks apart)..... When she came back, she wore tinted glasses for about 2 weeks.  Then, she came on with no glasses at all but seemed to have a probem reading.


I assumed she had the multifocal IOL's placed in her eyes since she wasn't wearing any glasses for a week or two.  Then she started wearing the tinted glasses again.   I think maybe her new lenses aren't working for her?


Also, since she is wearing glasses, I wonder why she didn't get anti-reflective lenses, since the glare looks really bad.  Most people on TV who wear glasses, eg: Anderson Cooper, etc., wear anti-reflective lenses.


Joy is usually very outspoken about everything she does, so I just wonder why she isn't talking about her surgery.  I think something went wrong and she isn't happy about it.  This is JMO but none of the other gals on the show ever mentioned it either, except that they notice she is wearing glasses and Joy said she likes wearing glasses.  Something isn't adding up.....  JMO  


I like Joy a lot and this is not an "anti'Joy" post..... Just pondering.....Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same things - I know nobody knows for certain, so I don't expect many replies - just some thoughts.....

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My eyes were sensitive to light for about 6 months so maybe the bright lights in the studio are too harsh. She may just be using readers which usually don’t have anti-reflective coating. Did she confirm she had the multi-focal? 

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she initially had the cataract surgery in early june on her left eye.

she said she would be doing the other eye.......

do you think she has had the other eye done and that is why she is wearing glasses again?

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When she started wearing no glasses, it appeared to me that she may have had some cosmetic surgery on her eyes as well.  Her eyes definitely looked different. Maybe she got negative comments.    Or, maybe she hasn't totally adapted to cataract surgery.

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Why would anyone care or be bothered by Joy wearing or not wearing glasses? Her surgery is her business. WHO CARES???

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I have noticed it, too.  Both eyes look different.  I know many people who have had cataract surgery and their eyes did not look like Joy's following surgery.  You raise a good point that it could be the bright lighting.  However, they seem very dilated - dark - the opposite reaction to eyes being in bright light.  Not sure what it is, but there is a noticeable change.  Glad to know I am not the only one wondering about it.  I am due to have cataract surgery on both eyes in the near future and it has concerned me looking at what a change is visible on Joy.

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If you're used to seeing people with their glasses on, they never look the same without them. I have had cataract surgery, including toric lenses because of astigmatism. As your eyes adjust, you try out several glasses. I had readers at first, then a prescription, then a year later a new prescription.  I can see without my glasses and can read the computer and other print as long as the light is good. However, smaller print requires additional help. Besides that, after surgery I ended up with one eye seeing really well close up and one eye seeing really well at a distance, an unexpected result. Therefore, without glasses my eyes are never exactly in focus. If I wear the glasses, I'm clear. If I don't, then I adjust to being slightly out of focus. Everyone's eyes are different, and supposedly, after surgery, they will be what they will guarantees of perfect vision. All I can say is I would never be able to read and type this if I still had my cataracts. I'm sure Joy is experiencing the many different effects of cataract surgery, which includes sensitivity to light when they are first done. 

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I am so happy I do not watch this "show".

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@kjae That makes 2 of us and hopefully more.

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I had the cataract surgery back in February a week apart on both eyes. I can see 20/20 distances but close up I do require reading glasses, which they did advise me at the get go.  I opted for the mid range lenses and I have glasses to help with driving so I can see my speedometer.  I don't like the transition glasses, so my optician set me up with sunglasses that have magnets for my glasses. Works beautifully.  Just have to remember to put them away when I'm finished.  


My eyes are still sensitive to sunlight and bright lights.  At times my left eye has some cloudiness.  All in all, it was worth it.  Joy has 10 years on me, so she's doing just fine.  So what if she needs glasses for close up or to help with the bright lights of the studio.