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On 1/24/2015 sophiamarie said:

Tuesday, they all had black, high back chairs. Wednesday, only Whoopi had the chair and the others had different chairs. Friday's show is always pre-taped earlier in the week - don't know if it's always the same day.

I read the issue with the chair is that's the chair Whoopi needs to have so all the hosts got them. Then they decided that looked too cluttered so they replaced the others' chairs.

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On 1/24/2015 annabellethecat said:

sophia, first of all it's good to hear from you. About the way...we all like it when people post.

I know about steroids. I've had many, many in my back. I hope you feel better.

Hi annabelle: Thx for the welcome. Was just kidding about the steroids tho. I have never had shots but have taken the Medrol Dosepak a few times in my life. I think it's a life-saver....

Did you notice how bloated her face was? I was thinking to myself "boy she doesn't know what she's in for". I remember what Jerry Lewis looked like for so many years because he couldn't get off of them - but then again, he had many, many problems.

I'll be around. This Forum is a pleasant change from some others. Smile

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Registered: ‎03-12-2010 betcha I've had the 'roids' (steroid) before. I'm so paranoid these days. Operations won't fix my back. I've had everything humanly possible done to it.

I didn't notice her as TMS was mostly interested in the chair. She's probably had similar things done to her that I've had done. I've even had my blood taken and injected into my back.

I hope she gets better. Steroids are just meant for inflamation. They don't 'cure' anything.

The problem with back stuff is that no one can see the pain.

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On 1/23/2015 qvcaddition said:

Back in the day a lot of us went through what this lady wrote about her mother, some about sexual abuse, but non of us thought to write a book about it.

My Mother was a good women, but alcohol addiction, the gene, runs in my family. My Mother was what was called back in the day, a Wino, that is all she drank. She also tried to quit with AA, when she had the hibi jeibes, seeing snakes on the walls. She would run after me with a butcher knife when I was a little kid. When she was sober, in the early days of my childhood, she was a loving Mother. I did not realize then, it was a disease, and feared her. I was sent to live with my Grandmother. We did not air our dirty laundry back in the day. My Mother died at age 56. What was once a beautiful women, was pitiful at the end with a failed liver.

I was able to spend her last couple of days with her. Tried to feed her some chicken broth when she came home from the hospital, but she couldn't keep it down. She died within three days of coming home. Today, I wish I knew more of this disease then and didn't judge her, So this book might help someone in the same situation. I am now 78, and visit her grave asking for forgivness about being ignorant in those days. I was in my late 20's with three small babies that she never got to see grow up. She started drinking when she was 16.

If it's any comfort, knowing more about the disease doesn't make it easier. My DH has inherited "the gene" from both sides of his family, which I didn't know when we met and married, and while he is "recovering" it's a constant battle for him. Luckily he's never been abusive, but it doesn't make it any easier when I recognize immediately when he's fallen off the wagon but he tries to cover it up. He's basically a good man with a disease, yes, but at some point you still have to have the conversation with yourself to determine if you want to continue to deal with it. I've had that conversation many times! So please don't beat yourself up - even if you knew it was a disease then, there's still nothing you could have done about it. The person always has to find their own way. I 'm so sorry your Mother never found hers, but at least you gave her comfort without judgment in her last days.
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Today I tuned in to the View and I recognized nobody except Whoopi and she was soooo loud! I wondered if she was still on her pain killers? I changed the channel. To have one or two guest hosts .... is ok.... but all 3.... no thanks. This show has jumped the shark, IMO.

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Thanks for your comments about my film, My Name Was Bette, and Rosie's sensitive interview on The View. She was wonderful. If you are interested in watching, you can stream it on Amazon for $1.99. We are on FB too, if you want to connect with others who share our history as children of alcoholics. Thanks again, Ladies!

-- Sherri VandenAkker

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Thank you, (((Sherri))) {#emotions_dlg.wub}

*Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.
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Joy was back today with Mario, it was good to see her.

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On 1/30/2015 daisey10 said:

Joy was back today with Mario, it was good to see her.

Yeah, that was fun! She looked great.

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Hi chickenbutt: Today was crazy. Friday's shows are usually taped earlier in the week. Yesterday (Thurs.) Nicolle was out sick. Today, she wasn't there in the beginning and Joy said she missed seeing her (another Republican). Then, later on in the show, Nicolle, Joy and Rosie were talking to Antonio Banderas. Joy and Rosie were wearing the same clothes, so it was done on the same day. Very, very confusing. No mention of Nicolle was ever made. The segment appeared right after a commercial. {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

I saw Nicolle on Dave Letterman about a week ago. When he introduced her, he made mention of the fact that she is a host on The View. When she sat down, The View was never, ever mentioned again and all they talked about was politics. She is very, very smart and ready with her answers. This is her forte. I really enjoyed listening to her. She was G.W. Bush's "communication" something or other. She had a really important job.

On The View, she is always sukking up to Whoopi. When Whoopi's chair broke, Nic rushed up to fix it. When Whoopi had lipstick on her face, Nic was there with the tissue to wipe it off. When Whoopi was in the hospital, Nic was the one to visit her for 3 hours and took a video to show on the show. Maybe it's just me - but hey, who knows??????