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Re: The Trial Of The Chicago 7 On Netflix

@Mersha wrote:

I just finished watching the movie and it was quite good.  I am happy the story of the events were told.


The acting was outstanding with noteworthy performances by Sacha Baron Cohen as Abby Hoffman; Eddie Redmayne as Tom Hayden; Joseph Gordon- Levitt as Richard Schlutz; and Frank Langella as Judge Hoffman.


As always, Aaron Sorkin's writing and directing were top notch.  There was one exception that was surprising that they did not catch.  In several scenes, a female FBI Agent was undercover to keep tabs on Jerry Rubin at the Democratic Convention in 1968; however, the first female Agent entered on duty in 1972.


The movie captures difficult events in our country during the time and I would recommend it.

Two British guys playing famous Americans!

I too saw this unfold in real time.

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Re: The Trial Of The Chicago 7 On Netflix

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@RainCityWoman wrote:

In my young days, I watched it unfold in real time. I've seen other documentaries on it as it occurred and in hindsight. I can't wait to see the Sorkin film. 

I also..  Really enjoy the movie, because I was a young mother and didn,t think about it then.