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I used to watch this show about 1 & 1/2 years ago.


I finally got so tired of the audience clapping over every single thing that was said.  


It was driving me crazy.  I know there's someone standing in the front waving his/her arms telling the audience to clap, that bothers me even more.


Do people (myself included, I used to watch all talk shows) even think and realize here we are sitting in front of the TV and watching these (using the word loosely...stars) promote their latest project they've been working on.


Most of the time there isn't even any entertainment.  They just sit there and talk and talk about their experience.


I started thinking about this and decided my time was too important to listen to them talk about THEIR 'stuff'.


For some time now, many of them bla bla about their politics and why we should vote this or that way.


I like Marie Osmond as an entertainer.  

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I think what I like about the show is that they don't act like they have perfect lives and they admit to their problems and mistakes.  I could not stand Marie on QVC with her dolls years ago and now with the diet stuff.  She just makes me cringe.  I cannot imagine her and Sharon finding common ground.  Actually I cannot imagine her bonding with any of the other hosts.