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I hope The View is next.  It is so different from what Barbara Walters wanted the show to be.  They used to have different "views" and opinions about many topics.  Now it is mostly political and very biased.  I stopped watching a long time ago. 

My first thought, exactly. Now it's a propoganda show for ABC...and the media/tv/Hollywood world loves that, I guess, hence it's long run. Seems "having different views", civily, is no longer possible or allowed. Ironic, given the name of the show..."The" View...


I think I only watched up to about 2000! Would never tune in now. Beyond awful.




When I read your post I nearly spit out my morning coffee! 


Huh?  "A propaganda show" .... are you SERIOUS? Woman Surprised


IMO, it's a regional thing.


The hosts all pretty much live in the greater NYC area.  The whole region leans towards the left, but so what?  At the start, Barbara Walters needed to hire locally for a 5 day a week live show, not knowing how long it would be on the air.  


If the View had originated in Austin, Chicago or even Anchorage, the local hosts would definitely have a different view.  



HUH!!!??? "THE WHOLE REGION LEANS TOWARDS THE LEFT". Come visit my area in New York. Anything but. We have foghorns on vehicles often, supporting the right. In fact my lawn mower guy put a sign on my front lawn supporting his candidate of choice. I had to go outside and remove it.🥺




I have no idea where you are.  NYC is always referred to as left-leaning.  BTW, I grew up in WNY and, at that time, anyone who wasn't a Dem wouldn't dare admit it in public.   



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I have never seen either show.  I have only been retired a little over a year, although the last 3 years I did work from home.  For some reason I never watch TV during the day.  I watch the price is right then usually turn the tv off until later in the evening.


Now I am curious and may have to take a look.

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Only time I've watched The Talk is when they had Shemar Moore on as a guest.  DVR'd and deleted the rest of the show.


I never thought it was very interesting.  Won't miss it. Cat Wink


Never ever will I watch The View.

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I actually like the Talk.  Jerry a little over the top some days, but I like the mix.  Awwww....