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I  know he's no longer married, @Annabellethecat66

My post was about the episode and not about "now."

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@GingerPeach wrote:

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I just watched the episode where everyone went to Mike's house to celebrate something Jewish (don't know what it was).  He went on and on about his marriage and how wonderful it was to have his wife and his friends 'breaking bread together'.  Ugh!


Even then, there were a few times when he said something negative about being married.


I don't understand why GG doesn't just tell them about her arthritis.  It would help them understand why she's so onery all of the time.


RA doesn't "make" a person "angry all the time."  She's been like this ever since the show started.  And all the drinking is not doing her health any good (mental or physical).  I also doubt any medications she's taking go well with alcohol.


Mike had them all over for the Jewish Shabbat.  It's the Jewish day of rest, the seventh day of the week, in a way equivalent to the Christian concept for Sunday.  (I'm not Jewish so hope I'm explaining it well.)  I enjoyed hearing that he and his wife are Jewish, Reza is half-Jewish, and all the rest are Muslim, and that all can enjoy this day together, which would not have been possible were they still in Iran.




actually, there are a number of jewish people in iran and they are allowed to practice their religion freely. there is one jewish member of parliament. it is acknowledge as a religious minority in iran.

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This show is like a roller coaster ride. up and level, they're going to do a get together. Then they get together, and swoosh, down you go hurtling to "what was that?!!" then you try to get a breath again and head back up the coaster and after leveling out for the next thing, whoosh, down they go again, straight to the bottom. The show I saw yesterday, had clothes threads just screaming to be let out for the women. Holy smokes.Woman Surprised

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