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Getting a bit stir crazy staying home to keep safe & healthy.  Found these shows on Spectrum On Demand.  At first I wasn't sure if I admired her or not. As I watched the episodes I became a fan. I think she has matured immensely while becoming a Mom.  Also, being a bit of a fashion fan myself, I love seeing that she styles the stars but also designs more day-to-day wear too. 


Has anyone ever watched this show?

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I liked her fashion when she was on the Q, I don't particularly care for some of the fashions they show today.I notice that every designer has tee shirts and skinny jeans or joggers. We all don't want to dress like that everyday. I am so over those pj's, i do like to look nice because i work from home with a small business. I have changed my buying habits since their buyers purchase clothing that suits them, and not others. Now Louis will not be there for us to purchase things it will be hard. I don't dress that casual for church and other events, i like to look polish when I go out. I usually don't comment very often on things I usually pass up but i guess today was day to say something. I wish all of you happy holidays and please be safe everyone.

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This is my second day of binge watching the Soprano's ....

and not for the first time !!!!

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Re: The Rachel Zoe Project

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Are these new episodes? I enjoyed & watched some of her shows several years ago.

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  • No, the show guide says it is 3 or 4 seasons. I wish it would have continued because I would've stayed watching it.  

Yes, I too liked her QVC line. Sorry she left but it just wasn't her niche.  Agree too that the PJs, etc. are getting tiring (no pun intended!?)


Wishing all a very Happy Holiday season. May 2021 bring good health & joy to you & your loved ones!








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I watched her show when it originally aired several years ago.  That's bananas (sorry, couldn't help myself....LOL).

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I too watched her shows years ago and enjoyed it. I don't think I get Spectrum...on my On Demand...not even sure what channel that is...I'll have to search.


I only have Expanded Basic cable.


Thanks for the suggestion.


I have been binging, believe it or not, Gilmore Girls, which I feel EVERYone else has already seen years ago. But just like "Friday Night Lights" which I binged during the spring...I hadn't see either. Enjoyed FNL immensely, and also same, enjoying GG! Also, it takes place in an "idylic little, fictitious, CT town", and I live in CT.

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@shoptilyadropagain 🍌🍌🍌Ha! Ha!
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I recently saw a few shocking images of Rachel weighing (a Dr's 'estimate') of about 80 lbs.

She is 5'8"...

No words.

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I used to watch her show and really enjoyed it.  Haven't seen any new episodes in years.


Also miss The Look for Less and What Not to Wear.