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Any fans out there?  I really like this show, it is intense and a little wierd but I am captivated by it.  However, the character of the medical examiner drives me nuts!  Her character is so ridiculous.  Here is a middle age woman, obviously well educated, acting like a silly school girl.  Her dialogue is so out of place for this show it just seems so stupid.  She giggles like a child and thinks she is being witty, but it just does not work.  I wish they would get rid of her as she ruins this show for me.  

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I was a fan but haven't watched since they came back from break.


I like the ME's character.  She's fun and a little levity in what seems to be an otherwise dark show.


Doubt I'll return to it.  I heard a bit of a promo where the wife is to stab the doc in the heart?  She's supposed to get a blade in there somehow?


And the mysterious man, woman, voice on the phone week after week...done with that.  Seems shows like to go that route...the continuing mystery thread.  That doesn't keep me interested.

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I keep thinking the father is covering for the mom.

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I've watched all of them. Most of the characters are okay, except for Ainsley, the sister. That character, imo, should have been played by someone different than Halston Sage. She doesn't seem to fit the part and her acting skills are poor. To me the show is lacking something. There seems to be a shallow storyline and at times it's boring and a bit predictable. I can't see this getting renewed for a second season.

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I stopped watching this early on...

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It started out good but has been declining in my opinion. When he was blown out of the building onto the car and got up like nothing happened. Huh? That would kill most people!

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I like this show.  I like the all of the people on the show.


Yes, the medical examiner leaves a lot to be desired.  She does act silly.


I'd love to pick the brain of the show runner and ask him WHY he made her such a ding bat.  I have a feeling his/her answer would be (as they say) food for thought.  I would hope it is supposed to mean something.  Hopefully not just a character who's thrown in there.

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Re: The Prodigal Son

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I really like this show. I think the ME is funny. This show has a dark side when it comes to humor. I like the casts and the premise of the show. It has been renewed for another season.


Edit: It has been ordered for a full season. It has not been renewed for another season but it looks good. 

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I really like the show and hope it is renewed for another season although I don't know what the storyline would be since the entire first season was spent on Malcolm and his repressed childhood memories. I think the ME is funny especially when she is around Malcolm.


The other characters have evolved and I also think the mother is hiding something. Either she knew and ignored what was going on because of the family name or she was a participant. We will see LOL!!!

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I watched a few shows and it was just too dark for me.