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I used to watch but now said previously the actors have gotten to preachy.  I want to see the actors act.  If I want to hear political views I will listen to people actually in politics.  I don't care what the actors think..Plus they seem to think (from my point of view) they know what is best and everyone should feel and think the way they feel and think.  NOT for me. 

The only thing I might want to see is the fashion.  Some beautiful and some crazy.

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I no longer tune in.  It used to be fun to watch, especially when Joan Rivers did the red carpet, she was great!   I agree with others the actors should simply stick to their own talents and not scold the country with their nonsense.

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I would but it would take cold hard cash in the hand with a MINIMUM of $1200.  I do not bargain on things like this either.   No check, no credit card, no payment plan.  Cash!

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Nope. Don't even like Jimmy Kimmel anymore.  

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I'll check in on the fashion and jewelry, but that's about it.  The speeches go on way too long for me.

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I will watch.  There are a number of categories that I am interested in.



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Yes. I can't help it. I'm sure I will have it on.....

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Yes, we will watch. It's a tradition, in fact we used to go to friends homes to "Oscar parties." We used to dress up, watch and have a meal. Those were the days...🥰

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I'm not really crazy about Jimmy Kimmel and I don't know many of the movies up for awards but I will have it on and watch it in the background. I kind of like to see the actors and hear a little of their speeches.