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It's not until March...

But yes I will definitely be watching. I love movies, and the fashion.
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I haven't watched the Oscars in several years, however, DH and I will be tuned in to watch and support the entire ELVIS cast and crew.


Call us crazy but we saw it 18 times before it left the theaters. Now we have our own copy as well as the soundtrack.


So, yes we will watch this year.




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I'd prefer a fashion show of gowns.  The guys can show up for icing on the cake.

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No I will check out the winners on line the next day and check the fashion forum to see what everyone wore.  I think the only movie I saw that was nominated was Elvis. 

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We do not go to the movie theaters, our cable provider offered 'free' HBO/Max for 10 days last year, the movie 'Elvis' was being shown, I started to watch it but could not get into it, decided to tune in later when it was being scheduled again, unfortunately the offer from HBO/Max had ended.

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Yes, Love the Red Carpet, and the show. I sometimes turn the channel if a speech is too cringy, but for the most part I watch them!