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Will you be watching the Oscars? I haven't watched them in years. Sounds like Top Gun Maverick will probably sweep most of them. 

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 No .


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i will probably watch them for some entertainment and the fashions.

i did watch the golden globes.


jimmy kimmel will be hosting. 3/12/23

95 years! i bet in 5 years the celebration will be HUGE to mark the 100th year.

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Many years ago that was always a special night to watch

the Oscars.....haven't for the past few has gotten too political and actors/actresses and peformances I feel aren't judged anymore about the best talent and best performance any more................sadly.


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Not unless someone holds a gun on me and makes me LOL!

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If they have a good musical guest I will tune in for that.  They usually don't, but we'll see.  A couple of films did have good music (that I like for a change).


Here's how it's shaking up and Tom Cruise's flick is not the most nominated....


Everything Everywhere All at Once — 11
All Quiet on the Western Front — 9
The Banshees of Inisherin — 9
Elvis — 8
The Fabelmans — 7
Tár — 6
Top Gun: Maverick — 6
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever — 5
Avatar: The Way of Water — 4
Babylon — 3
The Batman — 3
Triangle of Sadness — 3
The Whale — 3
Living — 2
Women Talking — 2

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I've seen three of the movies. Last year I saw zero! 


I'm torn. I'm not a fan of the host, but I'd like to see some of it.



Like a lot of us at one time I saw most of the nominated movies. At least this year they nominated movies that I could discuss with my friends! 


I'll probably watch depending on what else is going on, if only to see clips from the movies I like!    Smiley Wink