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Totally agree. Loud, obnoxious, stupid in many respects and more about the double-entendre.  Ridiculous.  AND if they're trying to get younger viewers, they're making a mistake because I don't think they're interested in game shows.  

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I'm glad I'm not the only one. I love game shows and was anxious to see the new Supermarket Sweep. What a HUGE disappointment it was with the yelling and screaming.  Michael Strahan does a decent job with the Pyramid but I think the game used to be a lot more difficult. 

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@geegerbee I agree, the new PASSWORD is a dud........I will not be watching.

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Was looking forward to it but did not like the host at all or the way they have overdone it. Too bad, it used to be a fun show to watch. Still have the home game!


I do watch America Says and $100,000 Pyramid, sometimes Family Feud or good old Wheel of Fortune. 

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I totally agree.  I can't get past Kiki's over exageraed speech delivery.  

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Watched it once and only lasted a few minutes. Thought it was terrible. They took a classic, semi-intelligent game show and turned it into a loud, ridiculous mess. Found the host to be loud and undignified, and the "celebrities" antics extremely annoying. Hopping up, singing, dancing, running around is not what Password is supposed to be. I turned it off after Heidi Klum (who annoys me anyway!) had to give a clue for the word "peacock". The clue she gave was "urination". Really? That was it for me.  Won't be tuning in again. They need to either stop bringing back the classic gameshows or stick to what they were supposed to be. 

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I bet if Betty White were still alive she would appear on it and join in. 

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I agree - the new show is embarrassingly bad.  With Jimmy Fallon behind it, I'd have thought it would be better.  (Well. maybe not, now that I think about it.)

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I agree it was horrible............all these main channels putting  very few new shows on ($$$ i am sure is the main reason)  but putting on obnoxious game show remakes

and out of work actors hosting boring talk shows and trying to be politically correct and diverse at the same time....and not caring more about quality entertainment......................

not good.

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@cali-girl wrote:

I COMPLETELY agree with you!


And, since Jimmy Fallon is one of the PRODUCERS of the show and a big fan, it's not really fair for him to be one of the celebrities EACH  and EVERY show.  Not fair to the other celebrities.  He's the one getting out of his seat, running around, shaking the contestants' hands repeatedly. The audience is encouraged to be very noisy as well. It's on my don't watch list! 

I've watched (I actually like it) but thought Jimmy being a producer he knows the answers. A few times he pulls an answer out of the air and it's suspicious.


I also like the $100k Pyramid