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Guess I am really old, but I enjoyed the Old Password game on tv with Alan Ludden as host and Betty White as a frequent guest. I didn't expect the new game to have loud yelling, the contestants,  jumping up and down, hand fiveing etc. Very distracting. Had to turn it off. Too bad---way to ruin a nice gameshow.

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Look what they did to "To Tell The Truth"  and "The Match Game".  I was initially very happy when they resurrected the game shows, but they have become 30 minutes of double entendre and are not at all entertaining.


As for "Password", I only saw a few seconds of it before passing it by.  Betty White was once asked about why Password wasn't still around and she said that they had attempted it before, but young people today simply don't have the vocabulary that is needed for the show.

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I so agree with you geegerbee. I cannot watch this new version of it.


All the jumping around & screaming. I had it on for 5/10 min. & the channel got changed.


Totally horrible   You are right when you said they ruined it - they sure did. 

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Just too much non-game related activity going on for me.  The lady that hosts is out of control.

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I agree.  Nothing like the old Password Game show.


That Jimmy Fallon LOVES to play games.  He has many of them that he makes up to play on his late night shows...some funny, some not so much.

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@geegerbee  I agree, not a fan of this new version.


  Michael Strahan & Sara Haines were on a GMA 3 type show that evidently wasn't doing well so they added Keke Palmer & I felt the show turned into a screamy, yelling type show probably for a younger audience but definitely not for me.  

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I COMPLETELY agree with you!


And, since Jimmy Fallon is one of the PRODUCERS of the show and a big fan, it's not really fair for him to be one of the celebrities EACH  and EVERY show.  Not fair to the other celebrities.  He's the one getting out of his seat, running around, shaking the contestants' hands repeatedly. The audience is encouraged to be very noisy as well. It's on my don't watch list! 

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@deepwaterdotter wrote:

Just too much non-game related activity going on for me.  The lady that hosts is out of control.



Anyone know who hosts it?  

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Unwatchable. The moderator is annoying and unlikeable and, agree, Jimmy Fallon is out of control.


Watched the first show almost to the end. I knew I'd never watch it again.


A shame, the original was interesting and fun.

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@Tinkrbl44   Keke Palmer