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I've enjoyed The Middle a lot but won't miss it.  It's time for them to end it.  I think "Axle" is the best actor of the bunch. I saw some good performances from him, especially the one in which he was locked in the library.  As for "Frankie," I'm quite tired of her role.  She has just become annoyingly stupid.  Overall, the show has been fun and often with sweet and thoughtful messages drawn from the stories.  One other thought--the scenes with Sue and her gay friend are just fantastic, always amusing and entertaining.  


Big Bang, I'm a fan of it as well.  Very funny, and I often laugh aloud.  

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Hope they end this happy. So we know how most of it goes. hate when they leave us to figure out how the family goes.

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Yes , I really enjoy the Middle.  My daughter is just like Sue -- when she does or says something,  we call her Sue --- or tell her that is something that Sue would say or do.  My son is a senior in college and he is Axle.   I always felt when I watched Everbody Loves Raymond and the Middle,  I could have be a TV writer because so many of the episode are about my family.



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Yes, I'll miss the show.  Always thought the character of Mike accurately portrayed what average lower middle class dads are like. He does his best to provide for his family, but isn't big into showing emotion. His dad and brother help us to understand why Mike turned out like he did.

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My husband and I have watched it from the beginning and I have to say this is one of my most favorite shows ever.  I look forward to each episode and no matter how crummy I am feeling, this show never ceases to just light me up and make me smile!  I truly love each and every character and cannot pick a favorite.  There are so few shows any more that aren't slick and fast paced and have an agenda or are all about crime, se* and other assorted unpleasant things.  We have enough of these things in the real world!  This show helps me forget about all of this stuff and kind of brings me back to another time when things were more simple and it was all about family and just how to get along with each other.  An imperfect family just like it really is for the most of us in our every day lives!  Like the Hecks, we have our faults and imperfections and we say and do things that hurt each other, but at the end of the day --- we love each other and stick together!  

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I will miss it. When The Middle was new, my niece was probably around 11 years old and had come to visit for a week. I had bought the first season on DVD and she binged-watched at my Mom's house. She just loved it. Now she is a sophomore in college and after all these years we still talk about the latest episodes when she calls. Little things like that are such a source of joy.