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You can watch tonight's episode now on Demand. It's the finale, it was good.

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That was good!  I felt bad for his wife.  She was so good to him.  Guess she didn't suspect.  Gretchen's husband wasn't always all that supportive.  Wonder how he feels being portrayed that way.

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Ditto Gretchen  Carlson  did not blend well with her other co-hosts on Fox & Friends .

Since the lawsuit at Fox News ,  several anchors   which are female  have  been provided  their own  shows such as Martha MacCallum , Shannon Bream and Laura Ingraham .

. I watched the Loudest Voice series and it was definitely slanted in one direction.  I did not like that they  purposely smeared  alot of the  anchors  on Fox News.   It is  plausible that  some sexual harrassment may have occured at Fox  as this is prevalent in so many businesses .   These matters   regarding Roger Ailes  were  litigated  in court  so that each party  had the opportunity  to  provide proof or to defend themselves . Look at Hollywood , they  have put a blind eye to  their own issues  of sexual harrassment  as highlighted  with Harvey Weinstein . I doubt they'll have a movie about him or Matt Lauer from Good Morning America.  I just think  the show did not have to slur the anchors .  No matter what anyone says  Fox News is the most watched network and is #1 . I've been a Fox  viewer from the beginning . Roger Ailes  created the Fox format of news  and his vision has changed the world  of broadcasting  news .