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I've read the book a couple of times. The series takes liberty with the book, although I believe Atwood consults in the show. If the series went by the book it would be over after season 1. IIRC, there was nothing hopeful in the book, except when the scientists looking back at the republic of Gilead suggest that it's possible that Offred escaped and lived in the free zone.
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I started to watch the first season and had to give it up.  Much too upsetting and gross.  Did not find it entertaining.  Don’t need to be depressed watching an ongoing series. 

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I watched the first two episodes of season three.  I think you forget how dark this is and it is so hard to watch.  I guess one piece of "joy" so far, but still very depressing, interested to see where it is going, just need to get myself in the right mood.

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@pommom , I find it hard to read Margaret Atwood.  I am Canadian and a lot of Canadian Lit courses do her books.  I watched the first two seasons.  I had a similar can’t look away kind of reaction.  


Elizabeth Moss is fantastic in her role.  The quality of the acting is top notch which is probably why I keep watching.


 No one should apologize for not wanting to read/watch something because it is depressing.  Sometimes it is not the escape you are looking for.


I will be tuning in for season 3.  LM

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I am in Season 3 episode 3 & I am into this series big time! The writing and acting is so amazing! I really want to know where this is going & love the main character & her strength! Keep watching. I know some parts are hard to watch & distrubing but hang in there!

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Having dual Canadian/American citizenship, I practically grew up reading Atwood, and admiring her literary skill.


However, her world view is not mine, and ultimately, in her fiction at least, I find it almost oppressive.


For anyone interested in "CanLit", or literary criticism in general, early in her career she wrote a fascinating book on how Canadian literature evolved, from the earliest settlers.  It's not just about Canadian writing though, and offers terrific insights into writing. 


She says, every country has a sort of organizing principle, that animates the writing of its authors.  Great Britain's, in her theory, is "The Island",  in America, it is "The Frontier",  and because of Canada's stark weather and geographical position, Canada's organizing principle is "Survival".


I love this stuff.  Anyway, the title of the book is also "Survival" and it is still a great read, far more interesting than her fiction, in my opinion...  

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For those of you watching season 3, does it seem that this season is way slower in every way from the first two.   Almost every scene almost feels like slow motion.  The camera stays on the person/s forever.


I'm not sure why they took this turn but it's very annoying.   Move along!!!!

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@BridgegalYes, the close up scenes on ones face are far too long.  Now we all know that in Gilead, Proactive is non existant. Smiley LOL


For me Junes storylines are not making sense.  June has done dozens of serious infractions, gotten caught each time (except having sex & a baby by a guard) doing them, yet she is "still alive!"  Her punishments were a few beatings.  The latest, her feet whipped.

Other handmaidens have done lesser infractions & were HUNG for it, eye poked out, "down there" damaged/removed or sent to the colonies!


Now June is sitting back smoking a ciggy w/Serena!

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at Fri, Jun 14, 2019-2.28.23 PM.pngSmiley LOL

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@Mz iMac I guess you want June to get hurt more like the other women who" break the rules"?

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To me it makes more sense.  Why is June so special?  I realize she is the "conniving" one.  Yet her punishments do not fit the crime.

"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."