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The Great British Baking Show

I just signed up for Netflix and have watched a couple episodes of The Great British Baking Show -- which is now called The Great British Bake Off.  I really enjoyed this show when it was on PBS, so was interested in the "new" version on Netflix.  Well, great to say that the overall format for the show is exactly the same.  And I like the new judge -- she is very different from Mary Barry in that she is more direct.  And I really like the new hosts, esp. Noel.  But the most important parts of the show -- the reasons that it appeals to me -- are the bakers and the challenges.  That has not changed from the PBS days.  Overall, two thumbs up for me and I look forward to watching the whole series.  Any thoughts from other GBBOff fans?

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Re: The Great British Baking Show

I was just very happy that they didn't change the show in any way other than the cast changes.  It's as much fun as it ever was.  I'm just sorry that binge watched all the shows.  

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Re: The Great British Baking Show

I love that show. The contestants are so kind and supportive to each other.