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Re: The Great American Tag Sale

@BklynKinsey wrote:

I really enjoyed the show.  It looked like everyone had a good time.  I had several good laughs from the three older gentlemen who were the antiques guys:  "it's like opening Tutankhamun's tomb!"  I knew she had a lot of "stuff", but I was really surprised to see those huge buildings just piled high (but organized and neat) with all her things.  Yikes!  Now I really don't feel so bad about the state of my basement!  I hope a lot of money was raised for her senior center at Mt. Sinai hospital.




That was a funny comment!  LOL

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Re: The Great American Tag Sale

Kris Jenner purchased ALL of this, supposedly rare, green jade glassware/dishware. There was a lot of it. She purchased it over the phone/Zoom... but she was there in person.