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@sunala That was our favorite episode too. We laughed hystericaly. Loved Bev's bottomless purse!

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I love this show and the segments at the end were fantastic with the real JTP and the Real Beverly Goldberg and the Jacket!  


@DrKelli- I'm going to have to look at the ending again to see the "real" JTP and Beverly's real jacket.

Does that show crack you up or WHAT???

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@sunala, the show is hilarious--absolutely hilarious!

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The Goldbergs is ending with season 10. May 3 is the series finale.

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Re: The Goldbergs

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I'm not surprised. I still DVR and try to keep up, but once the real Adam Goldberg left a few years ago it started to change.



Then with George Segal's passing and Jeff Garlin's firing the plot did change, even though the real Murray Goldberg, who was actually a doctor, did pass away. 



 I have to give them credit though. With Wendi as an executive producer I actually enjoy the story lines. I'm a big fan of Tim Meadows (John), and I like Erika and Geoff's story lines too.



It's always fun to see "Flo" from Progressive Insurance, Stephanie Courtney, as "Essie," one of Bev's close friends.



But I wasn't happy when they cancelled Schooled for AbbotElementary. I liked how they used to end both shows with comments from the real people the actors portrayed! 


I will miss this show!   Smiley Sad

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I only watched it once because we only had one tv in those days and well, you know, you can't watch something nobody else really wants to.see. But I remember Molly-she was sticking her head out the window and yelling at somebody or God or I don't know who. She yelled, 'Whaddya want from me, my life?' hahaha. Oh, I laughed so hard and fell in love with her for saying that. I use the phrase quite a bit to this day.

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What did you think of the last episode? I thought it was just okay.

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I have not watched consistently. I have caught some reruns on one of the channels and watched now and then. 


I heard that it was having a series finale and watched. It seemed pretty entertaining. But I was surprised that Murray(?) -the father had died. Was that just for the last show or when/why did it happen ? I assume it was a heart attack as he hardly moved from his chair ? Smiley Happy 

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Never took to this show.