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Re: The Geator with the Heater

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I thought I was done with my comment on this thread.  Then I noted here how we all seemed to have some kind of personal contact with Jerry.  I didn't bother to mention it on my first post here, but I would see Jerry often on his bicycle around Center City Philly. Pretty sure that it is was him that I saw jogging, numerous times, around the Old City and Society Hill neighborhoods when he was late middle age and older.  Just goes to show how active he was up until the end of his life.



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Re: The Geator with the Heater

Jerry Blavat -- known for his eight decades on Philadelphia radio and beyond as “The Geator with the Heater" and "The Big Boss with the Hot Sauce" --has died at 82.

"The Boss with the Hot Sauce is with the Big Boss Now," Blavat's family said in a statement released to the news media Friday, Jan. 20, 2023.


Blavat died from myasthenia gravis and related health issues early early Friday morning at VITAS Inpatient Hospice at Jefferson-Methodist Hospital, his family said in the statement. A source close to Blavat's family first confirmed his death to NBC10.


"We know how much he was loved by you, his loyal fans and friends, and we know the 'Geator' will live on in our hearts forever," the family statement said. "But for us, our grief is truly indescribable in losing the man we’ll forever call 'Daddy.'"

"Jerry proudly said, 'Life is precious, and I am happy. And when I am happy, I want the world to be happy.' So he lived life to the fullest and enjoyed sharing life with all of you.


"His love for Philadelphia only superseded his love of music. He was proud of this great city, and nothing made him prouder than the impact the music from Philadelphia made on the world."





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Re: The Geator with the Heater

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A man who knew the music and kept going.  We older ones called him the die hard bunny.  In my teens he appeared at many high school dances in the South Jersey and Philly high schools.  Always got the crowds dancing.  Found a way to keep it alive during the summers too.  Just like a summer reading list!  Good memories of The Geator and Hy Lit.  🕺

@Neetgal2  I remember Hy Lit too!  I have a small old 45 record collection in a case from way back and saved a lot of items from that era.  I had gotten Hy Lit's autograph from some event that I attended back in the 60s. Smiley Happy

My girlfriend that lived one house down from our house had Hy Lit at her Bat Mitzfvah. He really got the party going.

@drizzellla Wow!  I bet that was a fun party!  Smiley Happy