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The series starts tonight on NBC at 9PM (MT). Former CIA agent Erica Shepherd, one of the most notorious traitors in recent American history, is brought out of a federal Supermax prison by FBI agent Will Keaton to help track down the criminal who is behind a coordinated attack on three cities. I am hoping this will be worthwhile.

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Thanks for the reminder.   I'm going to check it out.   There is not one series on TV that I watch right now.   Just waiting for G of T, Handmaid's Tale and Homeland to come back.  So, I'm left with news, sports and an occasional House Hunters International to watch.

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I watched and found that it had echoes of other shows such as my favorite, "24." Villains and moles are identified early. Unmasking of moles/villains occurred later in "24" and there was usually The casting is intriguing and the main character seems a bit unlikeable (but not because of her treason).  The idea that "plants" had tripled exponentially in the late 2010s was a tantalizing hint. I'll continue to watch for now.

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Well, I thought it was pretty bad.   Bad acting and dialogue, predictable and typical.


I don't like the main female lead at all.   No idea how she got the part.   


I may watch again next week or not.   We'll see.

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@elated , thanks!

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My husband found it to be interesting.

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Missed it.  Previews looked interesting.  Might catch on Demand later.


Not too keen on the storyline, though.


Just sayin'.

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I watched it and liked it.

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Well, well, well......Dexter's big sis has worked her way to the top! Smiley WinkSmiley Tongue

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I liked her as Dexter's sister & I like her in this. She isnt beautiful but she has an intenseness. So far so good. However, I dont think they allow these types of prisoners to wear mascara. And when she escaped, how did she have any money to buy clothes or take a bus?