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If you like political intrigue, strong female characters, a fast moving plot line and the Brits; you should check out The Diplomat on Netflix.  I think it's just 6 episodes but it's been renewed for a season 2.

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I enjoyed the series and am glad to hear it has been renewed since the ending left lots of loose ends.  Also, you didn't mention the handsome Rufus Sewell who plays her husband Viewers may remember he caused many hearts to flutter when he played Lord Melbourne the Prime Minister in the PBS series Victoria.  Sigh.

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He also played a Nazi general in Man In The Hight Castle. 

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I tried to watch it, but I just found it to be boring.....

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I watched this 8 episode series, it was okay.  I have to agree though, Rufus Sewell is handsome!

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Re: The Diplomat

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I watched this series and thought it was great.  I also love to see Rufus.  He's a doll.  The only thing that bothers me is the one word they keep using over and over and over.  Can't they just say dam# or something else?  

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I watched it. I enjoyed it. 

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