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The Curious Life and Death of....

Has anyone seen this show on the Smithsonian channel?  It is on Sundays at 9pm.  Last night was the Titanic baby.  It is a cross between a genetic show and a murder mystery show. Somewhat like Forensic Files but they have the moderator, a Scotland Yard detective and a scientist that provide info.  I find it very interesting.  This week was the 3rd show.  Previous shows were on Lizzie Borden and one of the Rolling Stones.  Here is the description of the show on the Smithsonian website:

Author and medical historian Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris will use science, tests, and demonstrations to shed new light on famous deaths, ranging from drug lord Pablo Escobar to magician Harry Houdini. Using her lab to perform virtual autopsies, experiment with blood samples, interview witnesses and conduct real-time demonstrations, Dr. Fitzharris will put everything about these mysterious deaths to the test. Along the way, she'll be joined by a revolving cast of experts, including Scotland Yard detectives, medical examiners, weapons gurus and more.


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Re: The Curious Life and Death of....

@ShopperL   Thank You!


sounds very interesting I set up to record series.  Lizzie Borden came up when I was setting it up.

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Re: The Curious Life and Death of....

I've watched the three episodes so far. Enjoy it, but it seems quite a bit like another show about a gal who helps the police find murderers. Think she uses genealogy though.


It's okay, but I prefer the genealogy gal and the way the show unfolds the findings.